Wellness Testing

& Preventative Care

Our wellness evaluation includes Digital Retinal Photography, a Corneal Topography and threshold Visual Field studies.  We also feature the GDX Nerve Fiber Analyzer by Laser Diagnostics—the leading test in the world for glaucoma.  Cataract care consultation is “in-house” with many options including multi focal implant lenses.



Retinal photos serve as an excellent baseline for early detection of many diseases of the eye. Subtle changes in the retina, optic nerve and blood vessels are best observed through retinal photography. The retina also offers clues to one’s overall health. Your photos are a very important part of good eye and vascular or blood vessel health. They are digitally stored in your personal electronic record and can be used to assist your eye or other doctors in your care.



The EasyScan captures high resolution images of your eyes. Your eye doctor will then examine these retinal images to assess the health of your eyes. Easy Scan is a technology that can detect the presence of inflammatory plaques in the eye that may signal the presence of brain disease or if one is at risk for degeneration. This technology was developed to find “Blue Light” damage in that Macula, but researchers found that it also uncovered flourescent plaques in the retina. Click the video below to view a short demonstration of EasyScan.



The Corneal Topography is a non-invasive imaging technique that provides the doctor with a detailed description of various curvature and shape characteristics of the cornea. This information is very helpful for the illustration of corneal astigmatism, detection of corneal pathologies such as Keratoconus, the planning of LASIK or cataract surgery or in post-op care, and perfection of contact lens fitting. The Corneal Topography is state of the art care for our contact lens patients.



Depending on your insurance plan, the type of cataract and your needs and expectations, our doctors will recommend you the “right fit” for your cataract surgeon. Many of our patients are referred to local ophthalmologist and leading cataract surgeon Dr. William Andreoni. Dr. Andreoni provides in-house cataract surgery evaluations for our referred patients.


Visual Field

The visual field is a computer assisted instrument that carefully checks your visual pathway and side or peripheral vision. This test should be part of your driver’s license renewal. Everyone has a natural “blind spot”, however additional blind spots, depending on placement, can be indicators of various diseases. The visual field test can be used to diagnose neurological disease, tumors, glaucoma, retina detachment and cerebral vascular disease. It is quick, painless, and very reliable.



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