Optical Selection

We feature a large selection of eyewear in mens, womens, and unisex designs. You will find rimless, Zyl, Titanium, and Memo Metal material in many shapes and sizes. We are also proud of our extensive children’s collection of designer eyewear, the largest in our area.

For those requiring reading glasses, in addition to the tried and true standard frames, we offer an outstanding selection of hand-painted, stylish “half-eyes.” We also offer computer vision glasses.

View our detailed Eyewear Collections page for more information on our featured brands and styles.

Our Lens Products

Choosing ophthalmic lenses is always an important part of your eyewear purchase. As a rule, when you visit our office, our team of eyecare professionals will generally recommend the lens product and technology that best serves your vision needs. We have available high index materials in glass and plastic, impact resistant polycarbonate and standard state-of-the-art resin designs. The biggest breakthrough in the field of lenses has been in aspheric lenses. Aspheric lenses are available both for single vision and multi-focal prescriptions. When one adds state-of-the-art lens materials in a aspheric design, the clarity and precision of the lens is incomparable. We are very strong believers in anti-reflective coatings, both in clear lens materials and photochromic lens materials.

Our Progressive Lens of choice is the Varilux Comfort and Varilux Panamic designs by Essilor. We also are available to recommend new reading glass lens designs that greatly improve the performance and comfort of the user.

Specifically, the Zeiss RD is a reading prescription lens that truly outperforms other reading lenses.

The latest break through in frame materials has been titanium. Titanium is an alloy formed with steel and aluminum. It is very light and very strong. The feature that makes titanium most appealing in our area is that it resists corrosion. It is especially useful to patients who are exposed to a marine environment, or salt spray while sailing.

Eyewear Warranty

Your purchase includes a workmanship guarantee for one year. Frames themselves are guaranteed in relation to their quality and manufacture, some frames are guaranteed for up to 2 years depending on the quality and style.