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Our Commitment

Your eyesight is a precious gift and its protection is vital. This is why we use the most modern equipment to provide you and your eyes with the most extensive exam you’ve ever experienced while we search for any potential problems or warning signs. Not only does this guarantee a perfect prescription, it guards your eyes and body from any disease that could harm your sight and overall health.




Meet Karissa!
Karissa is an Optometric Assistant at the Brown Center and looks forward to aiding in your search for your newest pair of frames! Karissa is pictured wearing her new Prada eyeglasses, model 54UV in Bordeaux-Pale Gold. To find out more about our eyewear please visit our Eyewear Collections page.


Vision Therapy At
The Brown Center

As behavioral optometrists we feel that, in many instances, we are able to make a major impact in the course of a child’s development. It is our passion for influencing the relationship between learning and vision that fuels our commitment to all of our pediatric patients. Our Vision Therapy sessions, including Orthoptics (Vision Rehabilitation) and visual perceptual development are scheduled weekly through most of the school year.


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We are always looking to improve your eye care experience.
Click HERE for a helpful list of ways to streamline your visit at our office. Taking these steps will also earn you Points with our practice. Earn enough points and you will receive a special gift!


Blue Light & Digital Eye Strain

Our doctors are well-versed in the effect Blue Light can have on your eyes. Based on your specific needs, our doctors will provide you with the best possible methods and lens technologies available to protect your eyes from blue light exposure. Click here to read a recent article on Blue Light’s effect on the retina.