Pediatrics & Vision Therapy

The Ophthalmic examination often varies from office to office and is designed or based largely on the patient’s age and chief complaint. Our doctors and staff immensely enjoy working with young children. We follow the American Optometric philosophy that children should be examined by an eye care professional at their first and third birthdays. We combine state-of-the art equipment with vast experience that allows objective analysis, even when the child is less than enthused about getting his or her eyes examined. Much of vision is developmental in nature. In many instances environmental factors significantly impact a child’s development of vision, eyesight and his or her ability to learn and thrive in the learning environment.

As behavioral optometrists we feel that, in many instances, we are able to make a major impact in the course of a child’s development. The tools we use include lenses, prisms, home, office and computer therapy, when indicated. It is our passion for influencing the relationship between learning and vision that fuels our commitment to all of our pediatric patients.

Our Vision Therapy sessions, including Orthoptics (Vision Rehabilitation) and visual perceptual development are scheduled weekly through most of the school year. Our therapists include staff trained as teachers, who are experienced in education and analysis of vision and perceptual problems.

We readily and regularly communicate with school officials, pediatricians and other health professionals associated with each child patient. For those children requiring eyeglasses, our eyewear department for children is extensive with a great selection of both inexpensive and pediatric designer eyewear. A pediatric examination can take anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes at our office. In an attempt to make our office more child-friendly on Monday afternoons, additional staff is available to assist parents who bring many small children to the examination. Our doctors are warm, patient and interact exceptionally well with each child.