Contact Lenses

A special aspect of our contact lens practice is our ability to obtain sharp comfortable vision for patients who have challenging contact lenses prescriptions. Specialty lenses for Astigmatism, gas permeable designs and Multifocal designs have real benefits for many of our patients.

We are able to successfully place many patients in contact lenses who have in struggled in the past. We draw from much experience introducing and working with patients who have been referred to our center by other eye care practices.

In addition to being able to provide quality contact lenses care you can trust and afford, we really enjoy working with adults and pediatric patients who require more conventional lens designs.

We have solutions for those patients who have dry eye, who work on computers or others who wish to wear lenses just part time.

We offer many contact lenses options from daily disposable to three month changeable lens. Our in office supplies of cosmetic enhancing lenses for modification of eye color is extensive.

Multifocal Contact Lenses

Our doctors and staff have seen many happy patients using the Proclear Multifocal, PureVision Multifocal, and Acuvue for Presbyopia designs.

Part art and part science, the designated contact lens solution for many involves understanding the specific visual need of each patient. Multifocal contacts give the user freedom from eyeglasses. To best approximate the vision in glasses, many different types of lens combinations may be applied. Almost all patients are successful, providing their expectations are reasonable, understand the limit of the lenses and are willing to make small compromises in their vision in exchange for the ability to not be dependent on eyeglasses.

Bi-focal contacts are here, they are reasonably priced, and there are several options that allow you to see near and far without eyeglasses. Give us a call to schedule a demonstration.