Eye Exam Packages

Our aim is to protect and optimize your vision. However, our exams are about much more than seeing 20/20 on an eye chart, or discovering if you have myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia-all refractive conditions of the eye. Many degenerative conditions do not have symptoms in early stages, and through the use of technology, our doctors can identify “risk factors” or “markers” of numerous eye, brain and general body health conditions, and provide necessary education to each patient on how to optimize their eye health and function. We believe educated and informed patients make the best decisions about their eye and health care.



In our modern society we are living longer lives and there is much more demand on our eyes. Regardless of one’s age, the developed adult visual system is corrected to 20/20 in each eye. Our comprehensive exam is also a “screening or scanning” of your visual system. We are searching for findings or risk factors that might be a sign of current or future problems.

The basic “insurance” exam, while adequate for assessing general visual acuity, can miss vital information that could be necessary to spur important lifestyle and nutrition changes to protect your sight. Identifying each person’s risk factors, symptoms, genes, lifestyle, and overall health is an important part of this process.


Comprehensive PluS +

Prevention and early diagnosis is key to protecting one’s vision. Our Comprehensive Plus + exam includes a series of modern scans, tests and technologies that are above a standard eye exam. Our doctors use the information these technologies produce to better document and discover many diseases of the eye, brain and visual system. These additional technologies include high resolution optic nerve and macular photography and a visual field screening.

Our Comprehensive Plus + option offers our doctors the most possible information about your vision and body health. Many of these tests are capable of producing identifying markers of disease, inflammation and other signs or risk factors. We use this information to prevent disease and protect your health and your sight.


Contact Lens Exam

Our doctors are recognized for their expertise and experience in all types of contact lenses. We bring years of knowledge working with so many different types of contact lenses and patient needs. A contact lens specialty practice like ours is not limited to any particular brand or company. Our contact lens analysts look at your specific needs, eyesight, environment, and history in selecting the most effective contact lens product for you. This helps ensure the best possible outcome - clearer vision, comfort, and safety for you.

All patients are assessed a professional or service fee for any contact lens related visit. Our contact lens exam fees range from $75. Fees for fitting and evaluation vary depending on the complexity of your prescription.