Staff & Patient Education

The practice of eyecare is forever changing. We strive to keep up with technology and put an emphasis on continued education with our staff completing over 2000 hours of post graduate training in topics like glaucoma, vitamin therapy, supplements, and surgical alternatives such as LASIK and PRK.

Take the multiple choice test below to test your knowledge of eye care terms. Compare your scores with your friends and family to see who has the highest "Eye-Q!


1.      Another word for “nearsightedness” is:
         a. Hyperopia
         b. Presbyopia
         c. Myopia

2.      Contact lenses are available for those with:
         a. Astigmatism
         b. Nearsightedness
         c. Farsightedness
         d. Presbyopia
         e. All of the above

3.      The age at which the American Optometric Association recommends the first vision screening by an eyecare professional is:
         a. Six months old
         b. Three years old
         c. Five years old

4.      A progressive clouding of the lens that occurs naturally with age is called:
         a. Macular Degeneration
         b. Glaucoma
         c. Cataracts
         d. Diabetes

5.      The idea for contact lenses was first conceived in:
         a. 1508
         b. 1827
         c. 1940


6.      An eye disease that has no symptoms but can cause vision loss by increased pressure in the eye is:
         a. Macular Degeneration
         b. Glaucoma
         c. Cataracts
         d. Diabetes

7.      The main treatment for glaucoma is:
         a. Surgery
         b. Eye drops
         c. New eyewear prescription

8.      20/20 means:
         a. That eyesight is perfectly normal
         b. That a person has no astigmatism
         c. That one sees a “size 20” letter at 20 feet

9.      Who invented the bifocal?
         a. Benjamin Franklin
         b. Leonardo DaVinci
         c. Albert Einstein

10.      What percentage of children who have reading difficulties have vision problems?
         a. 10%
         b. 25%
         c. 50%